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We are a tax planning, preparation & filing platform and our mission is to simplify taxes for all. We believe that paying taxes is a right and we have built the platform for Individuals & Businesses across India to exercise their right.

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Vishvajit Sonagara
Vishvajit SonagaraFounderEntrepreneur, programmer & mentor. Worked at Fidelity, Deutsche Bank & Thomson Reuters.Enjoys coding, spending time with kids, mentoring.
Hiral Vakil
Hiral VakilProduct OwnerChartered accountant, content writer & most viewed author on Quora.Enjoys watching movies, sports and travelling.
Sakshi Shah
Sakshi ShahProduct OwnerChartered accountant, content writer & most viewed author on Quora.Enjoys travelling. Always open to learning and exploring.
Nireka Dalwadi
Nireka DalwadiGrowth HackerIntern turned employee. MBA in Marketing and Finance. Interned with 7 start-ups.Enjoys stand-up comedy, fast-paced novels and tea.
Jay Tanna
Jay TannaFull Stack DeveloperLove startups, software development & finance. Alumni from Nirma University.Enjoys playing cricket, swimming, reading & watching biographies.
Harsh Bagadia
Harsh BagadiaFull Stack DeveloperCivil engineer turned Programmer. I do the work I do because I love it.Enjoys reading, coding and watching tv series
Dhruvi Butti
Dhruvi ButtiFull Stack DeveloperStudent, programmer, FOSS enthusiast.Enjoys reading, coding and travelling.
Yaagni Raolji
Yaagni RaoljiUI/UX DesignerStudent, designer & developer. Enjoys cooking, talking to new people & learning new things.
Labhdhi Dalal
Labhdhi DalalCATax Expert, Specializes in Direct and Indirect Tax matters.Loves photography, traveling and writing blogs.
Statup office#DiverseTeam
Statup office

We are team of designers, programmers, accountants, content writers & growth hackers. We are on a mission to simplify taxes for all.

Quicko campaign#RightToPayTax
Quicko campaign

It is not our duty to pay taxes, it is our right. Just like our right to better schools, hospitals, roads, airports & sports complexes etc.

Startup Office#TechInFinance
Startup Office

We are big believers of technology in finance. We design simple UI/UX, use Machine Learning & AI and invest in cloud to scale.