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Verify PAN with ease

Verify your employee, vendor & customer PAN online. We use APIs to bulk verify PAN against IT Department database in real time.

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Seamless Payments Integration

Record salary & non-salary payments via Web, Mobile or API. Our algorithm suggests applicable TDS, recommends challan amounts & due dates.

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Covers all Chapter VI A Tax Breaks
eTDS Return for Individuals & Businesses

Efficient Challan Utilization

Analyse under/over-utilized challans on your dashboard. Save yourself excess challan payments, short or late deductions.

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Easy TDS Return

No more visits to TIN FC, no more paperwork. File TDS return prepared automatically by Quicko using your TRACES account.

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TDS Return
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Record salary/non-salary payments online

TDS Rate

Calculate applicable TDS by nature of payment


Avoid potential notices for short/late deduction & late filing

Challan Utilization

Utilize challans to the fullest, no more leakages


No more paperwork. No more visits to CA.

Hassle Free

File TDS return online from anywhere, anytime

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